About us

To produce a great game it takes a nerd-- or two, along with time, skills and a whole lot of dedication. Meet Attal and David, the minds behind the new game company Roblonation.


Attal and David met in 2016 through mutual friends. Soon thereafter they started working on a project for municipalities, completely different from the one they are currently working on. While working on that project Attal and David discovered that they shared an interest in gaming. They have both been playing computer and TV games since childhood and enjoy to keep up with the development of the gaming industry. Together they took their interest to the next level by founding Roblonation and creating their first game; Pandamonium on ROBLOX. David is the self-learned software engineer, a true talent, and does all of the coding. Attal, a talented artist of many years, is the animator and head of the economy and administration of the company.


The idea is to release several games and there are already plans for the next one. Roblonation’s vision is simply to deliver awesome gaming experiences, by combining quality with creativity and a sense of humour. Make sure to follow the journey of Roblonation from the beginning. You don’t want to miss out on all the fun. We’ll keep you updated!